Working Smarter, Not Harder

grading papersAs the semester begins, now is a good time to evaluate our work strategies and begin new ones. Many of us feel overworked during the year. While some perhaps cannot be helped, often our ways of managing our work are to blame . Matt Steel at Metagramme believes that our propensity to take on too much is rooted in fear.

One of the glaring issues I faced was a total lack of boundaries. No phone call was too late to answer, no email too early. My lack of boundaries came from fear. Fear of what would happen if I said no more often. Fear of missing deadlines or disappointing customers. I was also afraid of allowing quiet reflection and creative diversions into the work day. I was punching the clock like any hourly employee. The story I told myself was that slowness and emptiness were the same thing. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I’ve found recently that when the time is used well, slowness can actually be one of the most profound sources of abundance.

In his article “The Abundance of Slowness,” Steel gives 8 steps to a more balanced life and career.


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